Prometheus is an

Autonomous Reconfigurable

with advanced sensing for confined spaces.

Prometheus offers a unique and superior solution to inspection in hazardous environments through the robot’s combination of features.

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Prometheus Rainbow 2


Reconfigurable with a unique folding wing design that enables it to contract before and during deployment and expand prior to flight.

Confined Operation

Operate in a confined space e.g. tunnels and caves, due to the stability enabled through AI.

GPS Denied

Operate underground in GPS denied environments.


Can carry a payload of 3D LiDAR which can be customized with additional thermal and optical cameras.


Operate in unknown environments beyond visual line of sight (BVLoS).


Operates autonomously navigating and exploring unknown spaces using advanced AI techniques.


Operate in total darkness and low light conditions.

Size & Deployment

Can be deployed down a 150mm access pipe or bore hole.

Consortium Overview

Prometheus has been designed, built and tested by a consortium led by Headlight AI, an SME working with leading edge sensor and data processing technologies. Partners include Network Rail, an end user which will use the robot to explore and map mine workings that extend under existing rail infrastructure; Callen-Lenz an SME with expertise in airborne robotic systems development and deployment; Thales who provide expertise in sensors and adaptive sensing software and the Universities of Manchester, Royal Holloway and Bristol who have integrated the latest sensors, control and manufacturing techniques and Advanced AI into a novel and highly capable platform.

Our Partners

Headlight AI is a deep tech company creating solutions for sensing and mapping in extreme subterranean environments.
Callen-Lenz provide innovative autonomous system technology solutions and technical consultancy across manned and unmanned aviation development.

Network Rail owns, operates and develops Britain’s railway infrastructure.

Thales is a global technology business operating across aerospace, defence, digital identity and security, transport and space.

The University of Manchester Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering team are leading experts in robotics for extreme environments.

University of Bristol’s Aerospace Engineering team are leading experts in the control of autonomous unmanned vehicles.

The Royal Holloway University of London Department of Computer Science are leading experts in autonomous systems using artificial intelligence.

May 11, 2021 Prometheus – Field Trials film

Following our field trials a few months ago, we created this video to share our progress and celebrate the work of the Technical Team.

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April 21, 2021 Prometheus Film – Story so Far

In March 2021, the Headlight AI team produced a mini-film about the Prometheus project’s story so far

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Prometheus on IEEE Spectrum

In February 2021, IEEE Spectrum published an article about Prometheus as a solution for deployment through bore holes into mines.

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